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Special for ceramics

Yicheng brand carboxymethylcellulose sodium CMC series get good fluidity, fine gravity, high transparency, quick solution and others, and can be used as plasticizer, strengthening agent and others.
Details :

Special CMC for ceramics (modified CMC)
C1002 250-400/1%
C0492 450-800/2%
C0692 850-2000/2%
C1592 600-900/1%
C1583 650-1000/1%
C0664 4000-10000/2%
This product is the better quality product, and gets high purity, good fluidity, fine gravity, white color and other features. We can provide low, medium and senior and special high viscidity products by demands from customers.
1. Application in grey fabric
2. Application in vicious slurry
3. Application in printing.
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